A pub with a tale.

Rumour and surmise has it that the building which houses the pub and cigar lounge was built somewhere between the late 1700's and the early 1800's, and was a smithy where the local a wagon maker plied his trade. Unfortunately there is little proof of this, as in the 1960s all records were lost in a fire, so one has to rely on ‘local knowledge’ but the stone walls and unbaked clay bricks would attest to this.
One story has it that is was originally the stables to the Allesverloren estate before the existing house was built


The restaurant, with its sprung floor and fireplace, was added to the old building in 1990 by Pieter Smuts, (a distant relation to the great Jan Smuts), for his wife Kate who loved dancing. She and her previous husband, John had started the original Cook & Gardener in the 1970's and ran it most successfully for a couple of years before they decided to go their separate ways. The business changed names a couple of times after this, and was renowned for its excellent table, as “The Captain's Table” and the “Burgundy Snail”. The kitchen was first housed where the pub is today, but is now in the purpose built section adjoining the restaurant.


We used to have resident peacocks on the property. Shah - our splendid male - honoured us with his presence each day in the late afternoon, and in the mating season, flashed his glory amongst the early evening guests and diners (his mating calls were not for the faint-hearted). Jeremiah, the bullfrog, (actually a gutteral toad – doesn’t sound as 70’s poetic does it?) and his mates are noisily busy around the same time in spring - but Anne is happy that they visit - she reckons it's a sure indication that the quality of the water in the water features is good!
Most of the guests believe them to be ducks!!!

Country Restaurant.


Lunch and dinner can be taken in the Cook & the Gardener restaurant from Tuesday evenings until Sunday late afternoon.
Our pub & restaurant are closed on a Monday and open again around 17h00 on the Tuesday. As there are many excellent restaurants in the two villages with a most eclectic selection of cuisine, we have elected to make our aim to become the greatest Gastro Pub in the Valley and ultimately the Western Cape.  In winter we concentrate on comforting old-fashioned dishes, the old Cordon Bleu and slow-cooked favourites, well cooked, with attention more to the flavour than modern presentation.

you will always find either a curry or a ‘spicy’ dish on the menu even in summer when freshness becomes the order of the day…….slightly more modern and cosmopolitan….. a touch of Tempura,……or Thai….   

This Valley is a real foodie's paradise.


Breakfast for our resident guests is currently served in the Main House. You decide basically between a choice of menus when you check in . . . and the time you wish it to be served.

All start with fruit and juice and end with a choice of teas, coffee or hot chocolate.

Heartily Healthy. Muesli, yoghurt & honey, wholewheat toast. .
Wholeheartedly Unhealthy. Eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomato & toast..
Spoiling. Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs and toast.

The restaurant is also very happy to welcome Bikers, Car clubs and such for breakfast or luncheon as long as reservations are made well in advance and deposits paid – 50% is the norm.

Non-resident guests are requested to make reservations should they like the sound of what we offer.